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The mission of MADKunda Marketing is to elevate your brand through strategic marketing and proactive leadership. We help companies develop and utilize their brand identity to launch products, reach new markets, nurture robust networks, increase engagement, and grow your business. By creating innovative, captivating and bold media, we help brands attract their target audience and reach new objectives. We are committed to a value-driven approach to content marketing that helps companies build an authentic identity that speaks to their base. Using powerful knowledge of the marketing and design trends of the modern age in combination with and unmatched devotion to creativity and innovation, MAD delivers successful marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses big and small.

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Obsessed with understanding how people communicate and fascinated with multimedia storytelling, Madeleine graduated from Quest University Canada with a degree in Linguistics and Communication. She founded MADKunda, an innovative marketing platform, as a way to put her passions for language, art and business to use helping to grow companies across the country. With over 6 years of experience working in brand development, digital marketing, content creation, project management, graphic design, writing, and illustration, Madeleine possesses a strong knowledge base, keen eye for quality and tenacious commitment to her clients. She has worked with diverse companies across a wide array of industries including travel, tourism, real estate, community development and technology. In addition to running countless successful marketing campaigns, Madeleine's graphics and illustrations have been featured in published children’s books, on branded merchandise, and in film. 


Madeleine is trilingual in English, Spanish and French and is an avid traveler, having spent much of her youth living abroad. She is enchanted by the outdoors and is a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and EMT. In addition to the work she loves, Madeleine enjoys adventurous expeditions, political research, sports of all kinds, ocean sunsets and unlikely conversations.

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Madeleine created a gem for the Lids on Kids campaign. Her work from concept through production as screenwriter and illustrator raised the production values and overall reach of the project, including screening at MountainFilm in Telluride. She is a joy to work with and very talented.

- Ken Bailey, Producer of Lids on Kids Helmet Safety Campaign

MADKunda is knowledgeable, innovative and strategic in their work. They created several spectacular logos and labels for different company products that have since been printed on merchandise and decking materials across the west coast of Florida. MAD's vision and skill helped spread our company’s message, I would recommend them to anyone.

- Zak Mirly, Owner of Naples Marine Decking Co

Madeleine's illustrations breathed the very life into my story.  The manuscript itself presented a simple tale of a boy and a leaf, but when Madeleine's illustrations were added, that simple tale became an adventure story and filled each page with beauty and emotion! I am forever indebted to her for the sense of youthful wonder she added to my work.  

- William J Barker, Author of The Unlikely Journey of Leo the Leaf

Looking for someone to draw up the ideas swirling in your head? Madeleine is incredible at giving ideas, life! Beautifully, she produces artwork that accommodates all your thoughts... In addition, she is full of her own skillful creativity. Madeleine is perfect for any job requiring artistic know how... Personable, funny, professional and easy to work with, she is a gem. 

- Kim Richard, Telluride Ski Patrol & Telluride Avalanche Dogs

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