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Creating illustrations for children’s books, articles and brand media is an exhilarating process that culminates in custom works of art designed to bring your story to life. The journey begins by gaining familiarity with your vision and ends with the delivery of your original illustrations. Throughout the process we will be in regular communication, sharing mockups and executing revisions as we articulate your story through the visual realm. Illustrations may be in a variety of formats, which will be discussed upon initial contract engagement. You may prefer a more modern and simplistic look, or perhaps a more sharp and industrial design, or maybe your preference is more vibrant and colorful, or more loose and whimsical. Ink, watercolor, graphite, acrylic, colored pencil and any combination of the above may be used based on  your preferences.


I put my full self into my projects and strive to make each illustration a stunning & powerful representation of your story. I am unyielding in my pursuit to communicate your message with fearless precision and colorful inspiration. My ultimate goal is to communicate your message in a unique and authentic way by leveraging highly intentional artistic methods.


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