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In today’s busy corporate climate it can be difficult to find the time to focus on strategic client relationship management. Our customized CRM, newsletter and blog packages are designed to engage leads, reinforce client connection and keep your company relevant with your database. We focus on creating worthwhile content behind the scenes so that you can devote attention to maintaining your business. Our goal is to drive results, boost sales and increase business engagement through the creation of compelling content that provides value to your client base.


We will work with you to build and maintain a database using a powerful CRM platform such as Hubspot, Mailchimp or other company-specific system. With a good CRM strategy in place, newsletters and blogs become platforms upon which to build appreciation, trust and interaction with your brand. We help you to provide value that encourages subscriptions so you can grow your following. Staying in good flow with your client base is very important;  blogs, e-blasts and newsletters are not only opportunities to promote new products & services but also to provide value-driven industry insight to your clients so you stay top of mind. We specialize in taking scrappy company notes and disorganized project folders and turning them into beautifully written, SEO optimized content to share with your database. A well-executed campaign works on many different levels to generate leads, cultivate clients and connect with your audience. It helps to improve your site SEO, establishes your industry knowledge and reinforces your value to your clients. Good CRM strategy is an impressive tool that has the ability to expand your network, influence your community and grow your business.

Highlights of our CRM package include:

  • Complimentary consultation

  • Identify company objectives

  • Brand development strategy

  • Value-based content model

  • Visually appealing layout & design

  • Application of good flow principles 

  • Brand-oriented narrative built to connect with audience

  • Database management on CRM platform

Please contact us for more details and a customized proposal.

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