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 social Media 

Social media is arguably the most powerful marketing tool of the modern age. It connects individuals from all corners of the globe by providing a space to share experiences that encourage interaction. Businesses that don’t take advantage of at least one social media platform are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to interact with their ideal client. Social media for professional use is essentially low-cost advertising—if you can construct a page people love to follow and want to share. This is our specialty—making your social media page a destination for your target client and a voice of knowledgeable authority in your field. Social media is dynamic in that it also gives companies an opportunity to be informal and creative, and to attract followers by providing a level of humanizing authenticity to your brand. Matching a professional approach with relatable storytelling is what we do best. While we do offer paid social media advertisements, we generally suggest starting small and growing a brand voice first by creating a captivating internal social media campaign. Depending on your company’s vision, priorities and goals, we will create a unique social media strategy that begins by building up your digital presence and online voice. By continuing to reassess responsiveness, we will work to grow your brand into a source of guidance, information, entertainment and leadership in your field.

Highlights of our social media package include:

  • Complimentary consultation

  • Identifying company objectives 

  • Brand development strategy

  • Knowledge of the dominant social media trends today

  • Experience interacting with diverse audiences

  • Professional yet compelling approach to storytelling

  • Focus on value-driven content

  • Stylistically-oriented approach with beautiful graphics

  • Powerful captions and calls to action

  • Solid understanding of algorithms & analytics

  • Built to drive action and boost brand engagement

Please contact us for more details and a customized proposal.

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